Thursday, October 25, 2018

How does BBC iPlayer detect VPN services?

How does BBC iPlayer detect VPN services?

I was hoping to watch the world cup with iTV and BBC, both are British based and free but geo-restricted to the UK.

I have a VPN account, but it doesn't look like BBC iPlayer works is currently blocked on their UK servers. They have this message posted on the service status - "Problems with BBC iPlayer! At the moment it’s not possible to unblock BBC iPlayer using our services. We are working to fix that. Appologies for any inconveniences!"

I did some searching around on the internet and it appears that this is a common complaint of various VPN users. I was wondering if someone knew how the BBC detected VPNs? Is their strategy to see if there are too many streams with a single or a set of IPs? If so, has someone tried setting up a VPN with an EC2 box in the London region.

Why you need Residential VPN

At first glance, the difference between a datacentre VPN and a residential VPN appears trivial and insignificant. Those who only wish to have online privacy and anonymity can get by just fine using a datacentre VPN since it will provide you with strong encryption for your connection and help you become anonymous on the internet. Since users get the same VPN protection in both the services, they don’t think that residential VPNs offer them something much better. But that is where they are wrong.

 uk ip address

BBC will not detect Residential UK ip address, it is only  Residential IP VPN unblock geo-restricted access,not pay monthly , when you install use for lifetime.