Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Why you need a VPN to watch Game of Thrones Season 8?

Why you need a VPN to watch Game of Thrones online?
Despite its popularity, HBO has opted to some harsh tactics to restrict viewers outside the US from watching the show. The service provider tracks user IP’s and blocks any of them which are not from the United States. This has stripped millions of viewers from around the globe of the chance to view the finale of their favourite thriller. However, if you are a viewer residing in a country other than the US, there is now a way out. The use of a VPN service can allow you to watch Game of Thrones episodes worldwide.

A reliable VPN like Ivacy allows you to mask your IP, tricking HBO’s geolocation technology in believing that you are a resident viewer. Ivacy provides added benefits over other services available on the market. Not only can it mask your current location but it goes a step further by providing hundreds of available servers as well as automatic switching to allow you to stream without interruptions.